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Georgia: Council of Europe Anti-torture Committee Criticizes State of Human Rights in Georgia
Council of Europe Anti-torture Committee criticizes state of human rights in Georgia.

The report of the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture on its 4th periodic visit to Georgia, carried out on February 5-15, 2010 has been made public by Georgian ombudsman Giorgi Tughushi. According to Tughushi, the report puts emphasis on problems in the penitentiary system; specifically, the problem of overcrowding and inhuman treatment of prisoners. The abolishment of long-term appointments in prisons has been criticized. The committee considers the existing conditions in Khsani #7 department an inhuman treatment.

According to public defender, the health system problem in the penitentiary system gave rise to a serious criticism. According to the report, the only progress of penitentiary system is the restoration of infrastructure and medical inventory. The situation in the Asatiani Psychiatrist department is also criticized.

The committee talks about the positive sides too. The improvement of the infrastructure of police departments is evaluated positively. Also, the creation of legal assistance services, the reforms implemented in the juvenile justice system and lack of prevention mechanisms of torture. The report has already been sent to Georgian government along with its recommendations.

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