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Armenia: Ombudsman presents his 2009 report
The report on the work of the office of Ombudsman in Armenia in 2009 was heard by the MPs at the autumn session of the Parliament of Armenia.

Armen Arutyunyan reported to the session that in 2009 his office was addressed by about 4700 persons, who submitted more than 3700 applications, of which 61.4 percent were from Yerevan. Of them, 378 persons were rendered assistance in restoring their violated rights.

On the positive side, Mr Arutyunyan marked the transparency of state institutions, which generally did not refuse to provide the requested information, the "News-Armenia" writes.

According to the Ombudsman, the year 2009 saw an increased number of complaints against the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Armenia. Citizens also complained of the police, city mayoralty, courts and other institutions, the "" reports.

It is noteworthy that the report should have been presented in the begining of the year, during the spring session. However, due to technical reasons the presentation was postponed.

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