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Azerbaijan: AI starts campaigning in support of convicted bloggers
The Amnesty International (AI) has launched a campaign in support of young bloggers Adnan Gadjizade and Emin Milli, convicted in Azerbaijan on forged charges, as human rights activists believe.

The AI's website placed Gadjizade's photo and a story of his and another blogger's - Milli - arrest. It is noted that the reason of their arrest and conviction was in their political activities and publication in social networks of video clips about corruption in Azerbaijan. In particular, it was a satirical clip about a donkey bought in Germany for tens of thousands euros. After that, the bloggers were accused of hooliganism and convicted. However, both the investigation and the court failed to prove their guilt, the AI noted.
The readers of the website are offered to sign the letter addressed to President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev, which expresses concern of the fate of the "prisoners of conscience" - Gadjizade and Milli, who found themselves behind bars for "enjoying their right to the freedom of self-expression."

It proved impossible to receive any comments at the Administration of Azerbaijani President on the fact; however, earlier Ali Gasanov, head of the public-political department of the Administration, rejected any political pretext of the bloggers' arrest, having stated that they were convicted for criminal offences.

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